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LAECOVI members direct and participate in many research projects which are

financed by competitive international, national and regional agencies. They also take

part in scientific committees of international organizations. Here you can find out about

this part of their research activity.

Active projects directed from Laecovi:

  • The psycho-evolutionary and educational process of adolescent courtshPI: sentimental competence and social adjustment (PECA). European Regional Development Fund (UCO-1380774-R). PI: Carmen M. Viejo Almanzor. 2022.
  • The moral dimension as a key to understanding and preventing bullying and cyberbullying (MORAL-ME). Ministry of Science and Innovation (PDC2021-121741-I00). PI: Eva M. Romera Félix. 2021-2023.
  • Decision-making and moral sensibility within the framework of peer networks and the phenomenon of bullying: a longitudinal study (TOMI). Ministry of Science and Innovation (PID2020-113911RB-I00). PI: Eva M. Romera Félix. 2021-2025.
  • Challenges and risks in adolescent erotic-sentimental experiences: the multidimensionality of Sentimental Competence within the framework of Courtship (CoSCo). Ministry of Science and Innovation (PID2020- 119855RAI00). PI: Carmen M. Viejo Almanzor. 2021-2024. You can find me on Twitter.
  • The emotional impact of parenthood: guilt and stress in a critical period of the life cycle (IMEPA). Ministry of Science and Innovation (PSI2019-111241RA). PI: Olga Gómez Ortiz. 2020-2024.
  • Evolutionary change and interaction between antisocial online and offline behaviour, and its risk and protective factors throughout adolescence (OnlineOff). Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (PID2019-109770RB-I00). PI: Izabela Zych. 2020-2024.
  • School bullying as a determinant of drug use: A longitudinal study of risk and protective factors. Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare (2019/016). PI: Izabela Zych. 2020-2023.

Projects we collaborate in:

  • The role of teachers as a protection factor against cyberhate, cyberbullying and cyberviolence in dating among secondary school students. Junta de Andalucía (P20_00526). PI: Vicente J. Llorent. 2021-2022.
  • Youth and adolescent responses to online violence: associated variables and explanatory models. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (PID2020-115913GB-I00). PIs: María del Rosario del Rey Alamillo and Joaquín Antonio Mora Merchán. 2021-2024.

Completed projects:

  • Risk and protective factors against cyberhate in Andalusian secondary schools: a longitudinal study. Centre for Andalusian Studies (PRY171/19). PI: Izabela Zych. 2020-2022. Get to know me through the podcast: Cyberhate at school, a worrying reality?
  • Cyberbullying Literature Review. Public Safety Canada (201902211). PI: Izabela Zych. 2019-2021.
  • BARÇA ANTIBULLYING: Design and Implementation of a program for the Barcelona Football Club Foundation (Fundació Futbol Club Barcelona) for the Prevention of School Bullying. Barcelona Football Club Foundation (12017280). PI: Juan Calmaestra Villén. 2017-2019. A brief article about this project can be found on the UCO website (June 13, 2019).
  • Socio-moral competence and ecology of the peer group in violence among schoolchildren: a longitudinal and transactional study (COMPECO). Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (PSI2016-74871-R). PI: Eva M. Romera Félix. 2016-2020
  • Europe 2038: the voice of youth. PI: Rosario Ortega-Ruiz; Co-PI: Carmen Viejo. 2016.
  • E-intelligence: risks and opportunities of the emotional competences expressed online. National R+D+i Plan (PSI-2015-64114-R). PI: Izabela Zych. 2016-2019.
  • The abuse of new technologies: the role of emotional cyber-competences and emotional intelligence. MAPFRE Foundation (BIL/14/S2/163). PI: Izabela Zych. 2015-2016.
  • Cyberbullying: Coping with negative and enhancing positive uses of new technologies, in relationships in educational settings. COST ACTION IS0801, carried out as part of the 7th European Union framework program. PI: Rosario Ortega-Ruiz. 2008-2012.
  • Violence in schools: Training Activity - online courses for teachers in Europe. PI: Rosario Ortega-Ruiz. 2006. 

International Organisations we collaborate with:

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