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Sometimes our work has managed to capture the attention of the media. Below is a list of links to articles and appearances by LAECOVI members in the press:

Our colleagues, doctoral students Ana Bravo Castillo and Joaquín Rodríguez Ruiz appeared in the local newspaper Diario Córdoba (03/27/2023), to mark their achievement of the prestigious Fulbright Predoctoral Research Scholarship, financed by the Andalusian Department of Universities.

Ana Bravo was selected as Fulbright scholar for the academic year 2022-2023 and Joaquín Rodríguez was selected last academic year.




25N CiberacoSOS. El infierno empieza con un clic (Hell begins with a click)

Laecovi researcher Professor Carmen Viejo participated in this campaign of the UCO Equality Unit, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women. Click on the title to watch the complete video.


Laecovi member, Professor Antonio Jesús Rodríguez Hidalgo spoke on Canal Sur Radio Córdoba (10/05/2022) to present the Report on cyberbullying in adolescents in Ecuador: keys to its prevention, as director of the Development Cooperation Chair of the University of Córdoba and Principal Investigator of the Project. Laecovi was mentioned often in his talk, for its scientific contribution in this field and the work done on this project.





Laecovi member Professor Juan Calmaestra spoke on Canal Sur News (04/27/2022) about the Anti-bullying Program in Schools, designed and evaluated by Laecovi for the Barça Foundation, which has produced positive results in Catalan schools. Find out more about the program here.


  • Professors Eva María Romera Félix and Rosario Ortega Ruiz are interviewed on "La aventura del saber", on Spanish RTVE Television (17/05/2021), to talk about cyber coexistence, its challenges, risks and benefits as an extension of interpersonal relationships in online spaces, through the new digital communication media.

Here, the dossier recently published in Comunicar Magazine is presented, in which they have participated as thematic editors and authors. The complete work can be viewed by clicking on its title "Online coexistence as a social scenario: Ethics and Emotions".


Learning to flirt: a subject not yet taught in schools. Dr. Carmen Viejo, a member of Laecovi, presented this interesting article, which was published in The Conversation (18/03/2021).


The article "Violent behaviour among peers in adolescence: bullying y psychological violence in early relationships", co-authored by Dr. Carmen Viejo, Beatriz Leva, Dr. Jorge Paredes and Dr. Rosario Ortega-Ruiz, was published in Infocop (the full article can be consulted in the magazine Psicothema).


Prof. Eva Romera taking part in "Universo Sostenible"  to talk about social networks and their importance in online interactions.


The work Del Rey, R., Elipe, P., & Ortega-Ruiz, R. (2012). Bullying and cyberbullying: Overlapping and predictive value of the co-occurrence. Psicothema, 24(4), 608-613, co-authored by Dr. Ortega-Ruiz, director of LAECOVI, has been recognized as one of the 10 most cited papers in the Psicothema journal in the last 10 years, with a total of 96 citations.


Associate professor of the University of Córdoba Dr. Francisco Córdoba Alcaide, a Laecovi researcher, participated in an interview in the local newspaper Diario Córdoba, published in November 2020, entitled "Bullying hasn’t increased, social sensitivity has". At the meeting, he answered questions about the recently published book Physical Education and Coexistence: opportunities and challenges in the prevention of bullying, whose authorship he shares with Professor Rosario Ortega Ruiz, director of Laecovi.


Members of LAECOVI have recently published a study on the perception of adolescents about the education they have received and their participation in cyberbullying. Several informative articles have echoed it, under the title "Parental practices influence the involvement of children in cyberbullying." They can be accessed via the following links: Comunicación US, Investigación US, Canal Ciencia US.


Prof. Carmen Viejo talks about the work she has published together with Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz and Mercedes Gómez López, entitled Adolescents’ Psychological Well-Being: A Multidimensional Measure on National Radio Onda Cero, 22/01/2019.


Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz and Mercedes Gómez López talk about the work they have published together with Prof. Carmen Viejo entitled Adolescents’ Psychological Well-Being: A Multidimensional Measure  (from 10:29) on local TV channel Canal Sur News, 16/01/2019.


Prof. Olga Gómez Ortiz was given the Leocadio Martín Mingorance Award for her work “Parenting styles and bullying. The mediating role of parental psychological aggression and physical punishment” published in ‘Child Abuse & Neglect’. This article was the winner of the XVIII edition of the Research Award that recognizes the best work presented in the area of Social Sciences, Law, Art and Humanities. 20/12/2018.


The program "Destination Citizenship. Bullying is not a game". This is a documentary chapter on the phenomenon of bullying, featuring, among other professionals, Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz. 


Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz, director of LAECOVI, features in a newspaper article in which her extensive and important research work is reviewed. "Rosario Ortega, a leading authority in the fight against bullying", Diario ABC, 18/02/2018


Prof. Juan Calmaestra talks about bullying and cyberbullying in an interview conducted by local newspaper Diario Córdoba on the occasion of his talk at a scientific conference held by the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation in Madrid on October 26, 2017. 25/10/2017


Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz, director of LAECOVI, is interviewed in the local newspaper Diario Córdoba. In the interview, which is available in both printed and digital format, she talks about the group and the four different lines of research they work on. The article highlights that "Laecovi is one of the most active Spanish research teams in terms of scientific production." 18/10/2017.


Prof. Eva Romera talks about the results of the study "Social Competence and Management for Life", financed by the Centre for Andalusian Studies, in the national newspaper Público, on February 20, 2017.


Prof. Carmen Viejo receives the Leocadio Martín Mingorance Award at the ceremony held for the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas, on February 3, 2017 in the Auditorium of the Rabanales University Campus.


Prof. José A. Casas talks about bullying and cyberbullying on national radio Cadena COPE, as part of School Non-violence and Peace Dat. 30/01/2017.


Prof. Eva Romera Félix talks about the study she has carried out on social competence, bullying and cyberbullying, and Prof. José Luis Fernández Rabanillo comments on bullying experienced by a student. 25/01/2017


Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz collaborated in an article published in the national newspaper El País, entitled "Teach her son to laugh at himself and he will be a superhero", 15/01/2017.


Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz talks about body image from the perspective of psychology (27:14-29:10) on the regional TV programme Canal Sur Weekend News, 14/01/2017.


Prof. Carmen Viejo Almanzor talks (from 11:00 onwards) about the "Leocadio Martín Mingorance" award given her for the work entitled 'Physical Dating Violence in Spain and the United Kingdom and the Importance of Quality in Relationships', which won the 15th edition of the Research Award that recognizes the best work presented in the area of social sciences, law, art and humanities. Córdoba Hora Sur, 10/01/2017.


Prof. Rosario Ortega Ruiz was in charge of the inaugural conference of the V Scientific Congress of Researchers in Training of the University of Córdoba. CREATING NETWORKS. Córdoba, November 30 and December 1, 2016.

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