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Foto Investigación Laecovi

The team at the Laboratory of Studies on Coexistence and Prevention of Violence (LAECOVI; HUM-298/ PAIDI), directed by Professor Rosario Ortega Ruiz, centres its attention on analysing the psycho-educational processes which occur in both formal and informal contexts, focusing in particular on the mechanisms underlying the networks of relationships among peers and the resulting problems of coexistence.


We are involved in researching school and youth violence and in looking for the best ways to build social and interpersonal bonds founded on the knowledge and recognition of other people as similar individuals whose identity and differences must be respected, and with whom it is possible to establish

systems of friendship and respect. Further information about our work can be ound here.



Recognition and awards

  • Professors Rosario Ortega and Izabela Zych are among the most prolific international authors in research on cyberbullying (period 2010-2021), according to an interesting bibliometric study (Achuthan et al., 2023) published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.
Foto Investigación Laecovi

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