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Laboratory of Studies on Coexistence and Prevention of Violence

The aim of this website is to provide a place for meeting and communication

which is open to all people who, like us, are interested in building spaces for

coexistence and in understanding everything that hinders our main goal of achieving better interpersonal and social relationships.


In today’s globalized, interconnected world, coexistence is also a worldwide

issue which involves cosmopolitan and digital citizenship; we need to foster a

new dimension of communication, solidarity and mutual support, which is what we mean by the term online coexistence.


This website has been designed to stimulate the exchange of information and

knowledge about the academic and scientific work which we are all interested in.


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The Laboratory for Studies on Coexistence and Prevention of Violence (LAECOVI)

comprises a group of researchers based at the Universidad de Córdoba (HUM-298-

PAIDI). Our lines of work are focused on studying positive interpersonal relationships,

and includes highlighting the importance of optimizing school, youth and family

coexistence. This requires us to address conflict, bullying and cyberbullying, as well as

the forms of submission/dominance involved in the young people’s courtship

processes, as phenomena that hinder the correct development and social well-being of

childhood and adolescence.

We are involved in researching school and youth violence and in looking for the best

ways to build social and interpersonal bonds founded on the knowledge and

recognition of other people as similar individuals whose identity and differences must

be respected, and with whom it is possible to establish systems of friendship and

respect. Further information about our work can be found here.

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Over the years, the Laboratory of Studies on Coexistence and Prevention of Violence

(LAECOVI) has designed, implemented and evaluated initiatives, projects and

educational programs for improving coexistence at school and among young people,

coping with problems such as bullying and cyberbullying, as well as other forms of

interpersonal violence, such as the risk of sexist courtship practices and its impact on

gender violence. These educational programs and models are based on European,

national and regional research projects in which LAECOVI members participate.

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